PSBA’s Field Day is May 30th – You’re Invited!

Field Day is on May 30th – Please help us prepare for the day by registering early – and  so you can be assured of a seat at this important learning event for beekeepers of all levels of experience.

In addition to our a.m. lecture with Peter Borst of Cornell University,  who will be presenting on Sustainable Beekeeping as well as Honey Bee Diseases (presentation details here) we have an impressive lineup of  local experts for our afternoon session. You will have the chance to learn from the best and be able to apply something new to your beekeeping.

Bios of a few of our presenters are here…and you can read more about the lineup below:

Rusty Burlew – a Fan Favorite,  local bee guru and blogger of will be on hand to answer your beekeeping questions – anything goes!

Tim Hiatt 2nd Generation beekeeper from Ephrata WA, and co-owner of Hiatt’s Honey Company. He is a member of Washington State Department of Agriculture’s Apiary Advisory Committee, the National Honey Bee Advisory Board, and is legislative chair of the Washington State Beekeepers Association

Daniel Najera, Entomologist – PSBA Research and Education Chair and Adjunct Faculty at Greenriver Community College  Danny is a passionate presenter and will share about waggle dances and foraging behavior of honey bees.

Kathy Cox, PSBS Board member and former commercial beek – will cover Why, when and how should you split a hive. How do you support the queenless side of the split to grow to a functional hive size. How to use splits to stop dependence on yearly purchase of packages for replacement hives. Become a sustainable beekeeper. 

Will Peterman,  and founder of the Western Bumblebee Project,  will share info on the (once believed extinct) Bombus Occidentalis and how we can support this important pollinator.


Field Day Registration is $50/person or $70/household of 2, and includes lunch.  Registration is limited so signup today to ensure your spot!

We are grateful to our Sponsors for Field Day 2015 – thanks for making Field Day fun!        Hiatt’s Honey

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