Apiary Parties

Join us in the PSBA Apiary for honey bees, hives, and hands on experience.

Note: PSBA has changed the format of our parties post-pandemic. We are relying on everyone to be vaccinated and to keep themselves and others safe. If you feel ill or have been exposed, please stay home. Additionally,  online registration now includes a required liability release and same-day emergency contacts through Dropbox Sign.

If you have your own gear, we ask that you sterilize your gloves upon arrival and use a torch on your hive tool. Controlling yard to yard transmission of disease is critical. PSBA gear worn by participants will not be used for at least a week. According to the CDC, surface transmission is negligible after 3-4 days.

PSBA uses Dropbox Sign for documents required by our insurance company for extractor rentals and  for Apiary Parties. Members and non-members have two different paths with the Dropbox Sign process.


Find a date, register and then either follow this link  here or in the registration for the  Dropbox Sign Apiary paperwork. This will be stored on the secure Dropbox Sign server. The Apiary manager will have a copy of emergency contacts for participants.


Find a date for a party. Follow this link for the HelloSign paperwork. Then sign in to your PSBA Membership and upload the form. Then finish your registration for the date. The Apiary manager will have a copy of emergency contacts for participants.

  1. Scroll through the calendar for upcoming Apiary dates. These are being added regularly.   PSBA Bee Garden at UW Arboretum
  2. Show up to the PSBA Apiary on the party date!  The PSBA Apiary is behind the greenhouses and the Graham Visitor Center of the Washington Park Arboretum . Parking and traffic can be challenging.
  3. If party dates or times change due to weather, the Party leader will contact those who’ve signed up with further instructions
  4. Parties are limited to individuals and families.  Businesses wishing to participate should reach out to the apiary manager directly.

See you at the apiary!