Extractor Rentals

PSBA has two types of extractors available for rent to qualifying members.  Rentals are limited to 1 week. The extractor rental dates on the calendar are approximate– please contact the Extractor Manager as soon as you have finished reserving a week.

Qualify for a rental

  • You must be a current member of Puget Sound Beekeeping Association. JOIN TODAY
  • Again, exact dates for extractor pickup and return (at the PSBA Apiary, Graham Visitor’s Center) can be arranged by contacting extractor@pugetsoundbees.org.
  • Review the PSBA Extractor Rental Training. Required before you rent! This training will help you decide when or if to extract.
  • NEW IN 2023: At this time, there is no formal volunteer requirement.  We ask that you spend some time on the PSBA website, looking for dead links, out-of-date information, or anything needing attention.  Please copy  page address, take a screenshot and send to secretary@pugetsoundbees.org. If you would like to volunteer in any other way, please contact us. PSBA is an all-volunteer organization. We have been forced to drop programs due to lack of volunteers.
  •  You must have a signed Extractor Indemnification and Liability agreement on file in your membership account. Once you have signed  and uploaded it to your membership account, it will also apply for future seasons.

Choose an extractor

Once you qualify to schedule a rental, there are three four-frame hand crank extractors  and one motorized twelve-frame extractor to choose from (assuming they are not rented out).

Hand crank extractor Motorized frame extractor
Capacity 4 frames 12 frames
Style Tangential Radial
Rental fee $20/week + refundable deposit of $50.00 $50/week + refundable deposit of $50.00
Approximate replacement cost $450.00 $1,400.00
Notes A good choice if you are extracting relatively few frames
Transportation Each extractor is manageable for one person to transport and will fit into most automobile trunks. Please be mindful and bring blankets if necessary to prevent damage to the extractor. You must have a pickup truck or tall van to rent this extractor and bring tie down straps to secure it. Bring a minimum of two people to lift into the bed of the vehicle.

The 12 frame motorized extractor may not be set on its side.

Extractor rental includes bottling bucket, electric uncapping knife, capping scratcher and uncapping tank. You will need to provide additional 5 gallon food grade buckets for un-capping and honey storage.

Accountability and Care of Extractor Equipment – Important MUST Read!

This equipment is for member use only. Do not pass the equipment to other beekeepers as you are responsible for its condition. Loaning rented equipment to others forfeit your deposit regardless of condition of unit.

Extractor rental is for Hobby beekeepers. (No Commercial use)

Deposit:  Refundable $50 cleaning/damage deposit.  Equipment costs are the responsibility of the member who is renting the equipment.  See replacement costs above.

o     If equipment is returned unclean, your deposit will not be refunded.

o    Please handle all equipment with care!  Do NOT disassemble extractors when cleaning.

o    Do not allow children to handle, operate, or play with or near extracting equipment.

o    Dents and scratches reduce the life and performance of the equipment.  Protect all of the equipment from damage and excessive wear.

o    The cold uncapping knife is extremely sharp.  Use with caution.  Do not bang or tap knife to knock off wax and/or debris.  Do not allow children to handle.

o    Electric capping knives get very hot and may not have a thermostat. You will need to unplug the knife to prevent it from overheating and scorching your honey.


o    The cappings scratcher is extremely sharp. Use with caution.  Do not bang or tap scratcher to knock off wax and/or debris.  Do not allow children to handle.

o    Members renting the equipment will need to provide their own food‐grade honey pail to be placed under the extractor’s honey gate.

o    If something breaks please notify PSBA extractor manager at extractor@pugetsoundbees.org.  Do not attempt to repair the unit yourself.

o    PSBA is not responsible for any injury resulting from use of the equipment.

The rental process

  • Qualify
    • Follow the steps above.
  • Reserve
    • Select the date of your desired rental from the list of rental dates below, in the calendar.
    • Rental fee and deposits are collected at the time of reservation. Rental price at checkout reflects rental fee + deposit.
  • Pick up
    • Pick up the extractor at the day/time agreed upon with the Extractor Manager.  PLEASE BE ON TIME!  All pickups/drop-offs are in the Graham Visitors Center Parking lot.  We like to stick with a predictable schedule, and we must coordinate with multiple parties to manage the extractor exchanges. 
    • If you have any questions or special needs – contact extractor@pugetsoundbees.org in advance of your pick up or return date.
    • Failure to pick up extractor at agreed upon reservation time will result in forfeiting your rental time and your rental fees (your deposit will not be refunded).
  • Return
    • Required!  Clean up and Equipment Return: All equipment must be returned clean and free of debris per our cleaning procedures so as not to attract unwanted visitors to the storage shed and as a courtesy to the next user. If equipment is not clean and not able to be immediately rented, your deposit will not be refunded. 
    • Late Fee: Please return equipment on time. For late returns, a fee of $5 a day will be assessed to a maximum of $25. If equipment is returned late and cannot be rented to other members, future checkout privileges will be denied.
    • Deposit refunds are processed electronically after rental return and may take 5-7  days to process.