Beekeepers are usually busy as bees, so we’ve assembled some resources to help you be a successful beekeeper. Have a look at the menu to find beekeeping supplies, sources of bees and queens, helpful books and more!

New to beekeeping and feeling lost?  Start Here!

  1. Join PSBA – become a member of Puget Sound Beekeepers Association and you will supports our mission to educate beekeepers and support research for bee health.  You’ll receive monthly emails with beekeeper alerts as a member, but you can subscribe to our PSBA Buzz Blog anytime.
  2. Attend PSBA monthly meetings – free and open to the public. Come hear from informative speakers and show up for the free beekeeper lesson at 6:30 pm before each meeting.  If you miss a meeting, our YouTube channel has recordings of lessons and speakers.
  3. Keep beekeeping legal! This means keeping bees in accordance with local laws.  Every beekeeper in Washington state is required to Register hives with WSDA, no exceptions.  Registration requires a nominal annual fee and late fees are minimal. WSDA registration funds go towards apiary research and documentation of hives throughout the state provides data that can be used to investigate colony loss through poisoning or natural disaster.   Also: know your local beekeeping laws. Your actions as an individual beekeeper impact all beekeepers.
  4. Gear up! – checkout  beekeeping gear suppliers and bee and queen  suppliers.
  5. Know your stuff – discover ways to learn with PSBA, attend an apiary work party, or become a certified beekeeper – all class and work party registration is found on our events calendarRead up – lots of beekeeping information is available online or in books or magazines.
  6. Get involved – volunteer with PSBA to raise funds through honey sales and engage with the public to educate about honeybees. Participate in PSBA beekeeping research.
  7. Be a leader – PSBA is 100% volunteer operated and board members are at the forefront of making things happen for PSBA.  Flex or develop your leadership (or other unique) skills by becoming a board member!
  8. Go big – Join Washington State Beekeepers Association  or visit another local association.  To find other beekeeping organizations in the state, have a look at Washington State Beekeepers Association’s map of local organizations (PSBA is in area 1B). You will also find their newsletter available for download on their website.

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