PSBA Elections – Calling All Candidates!

Just a reminder that November 19th is PSBA’s annual business meeting (and Potluck – bring a dish!). Doors open at 6:30, Business meeting and elections will begin at 7:30pm.  There will no meeting on November 26th due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

On November 19th, dues paying members have the honor of electing PSBA Officers and Trustees at this meeting!    Any member in good standing can run for a seat on the Board – so please consider contributing your skills, talents, and time to PSBA in an official capacity.

Some Details:

  • Executive Officers are up for election (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer). These positions are elected annually (1 year terms).
  • Four Trustee positions are up for vote  (with term of 2014-15).  Trustee positions are 2 year terms.
  • PSBA is looking for motivated individuals to serve on the Board to help us meet our goals through a variety of volunteer efforts.  Please review Board Member Commitments for a better understanding of what is involved in serving on the board.
  • Warning! Active board participation may result in serious face time with top name experts like Randy Oliver and Michael Bush.
  • Serving on the Board is a great way to grow your leadership skills while having fun. Board members are reimbursed up to $100/year for board approved training and development in support of PSBA operations and programs.

Some helpful skills for board members to have are listed below – however don’t let these scare (or limit) you!  If you’ve got a unique skill or talent to offer- Bring it!

  • Enthusiasm and Follow-Through
  • Community building and/or connections
  • Fundraising and FUN-raising!
  • Public Speaking, Teaching, Group Facilitation
  • Project management, Organizing and Planning
  • Marketing/Writing (Blog/News/Social Media)
  • Tech/Graphics: Computer/Email/Web/Design/Art/Audio-Visual
  • Hands-On: Crafty, DIY-er, Construction, Building skills
  • Financial: Bookkeeping, Financial Software, Auditing, Taxes
  • Beekeeping/Gardening/Other stinging insects/Honey processing/sales
  • Non-Profit Administration and Governance, Legal

To support you in considering serving PSBA in an official capacity, please read the  Board Member Commitments. You can also read more about the board and organizational guidelines in our bylaws.

If you have further questions, please get in touch with any current board member regarding board service.


Overview of PSBA Board Position Duties per PSBA Bylaws


Role Term Duties:
President-   Executive Officer 1   Year; Term Limit = 2 years;Serves   as Ex-Officio Trustee for 1 year after active term ends.
  • Presides at any Board or   Association meeting.
  • Duties Align to those in   latest version of Roberts Rules of Order  Revised (per PSBA Bylaws)


Vice-President-   Executive Officer 1   Year; No Term Limit
  • Presides at any meeting in   which the President is absent
  • Duties Align to those in   latest version of Roberts Rules of Order  Revised (per PSBA Bylaws)


Secretary-   Executive Officer 1   Year; No Term Limit
  • Secretary to the Board
  • Duties Align to those in   latest version of Roberts Rules of Order Revised (per PSBA Bylaws)


Treasurer-   Executive Officer 1   Year; No Term Limit
  • PSBA Bylaws: record   memberships, collect dues, to notify members their dues are past-due, to make   out all state and federal government reports, as necessary, to carry out the   financial directives of the Board of Trustees, and to keep track of all   funds.
  • Duties Align to those in   latest version of Roberts Rules of Order  Revised (per PSBA Bylaws)


Trustee 2   Years; No Term LimitPSBA’s   Board of Trustees is comprised of 9 Trustees.  A   10th Trustee position is filled by ex-officio President for 1 year  PSBA’s   Board of Trustees:

  • Manages the business affairs of the organization
  • May appoint agents and committees as they may deem   necessary.
  • May delegate to the President the power to appoint and   remove agents and committee members