Next OSU Honey Bee Webinar – November 12th

Join OSU’s Dr. Dave Shetlar on Tuesday, November 12th at 9AM (Eastern) for their next beekeeping webinar.

Pollinating bees and pesticides have always been at odds! In the past, the main concerns were about agricultural pesticides being used on flowering fruits and vegetables. Recently, fingers are being pointed to the use of systemic insecticides being used to protect urban landscape trees, shrubs and flowers.

Recent research has also indicated that the effects of these pesticides can be rather short.  The best way to avoid non-target exposure is to treat well before or after bloom, only treat plants that need to be treated, and use these products in a preventive mode when possible.

In this webinar, Dr. Dave Shetlar will briefly discuss the main concerns and how pollinators can be exposed to systemic insecticides. Beekeepers, gardeners and horticulturists alike will learn practical information to help protect bee health.

To Join this free webinar, follow the link and LOG IN AS A GUEST at about 8:55 AM Eastern:

(If you haven’t had your coffee yet (or are even awake!) at 6AM PST, the webinars are posted on OSU’s Bee Lab page – PHEW!)