Research Opportunities with PSBA

Danny Najera Weighing Hive
Danny Najera Weighing Hive

PSBA supports beekeepers with information to improve their hive management practices and honey bee health.  In 2013, we initiated some focused data gathering from our beekeeping community – with the help of board member and PSBA Research Chair, Daniel Najera, PhD.  Below are the outputs of those studies, as well as a list of opportunities for beekeepers in the Puget Sound Area to participate.  Do your part to help bees by contributing observations and data from your beehives!

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PSBA Research Opportunities

  1. Evaluate hive density and impact to honey flow in urban environments:  Where are the most bees currently, where are there voids?
  2. Evaluate regional honey yields: use feedback from local beekeepers to generate a honey yield map, compare to hive density map
  3. Hive Tower Study – a way to control varroa and boost honey flow too:  This study will be in collaboration with Maryland beekeepers to compare results in different regions of the U.S. -more info:
  4. Hive Droppings – Mite Counts and Pollen Samples:  The drop counting is working well, but we need more data – i.e. more participants!
  5. Hive Weights: Measure amount of honey stores throughout the season to better understand requirements to successfully overwinter
  6. Pollen Colors and Counts:  On sunny days, 5 or 10 minute counts of watching the entrance can tell us a lot!
  7. At PSBA Meetings:
    • Monthly Surveys:  Come to a PSBA meeting and participate in our monthly surveys on hive data!
    • Nosema Study:  Come to a PSBA meeting with your sample of bees to see if nosema is a problem in your colony.