PSBA’s first monthly meeting of 2014 is Tuesday January 28th

Tuesday, January 28th is PSBA’s annual Beekeepers Science Fair!  It’s free and open to the public – come on down to the Arboretum and get ready for beekeeping in 2014!   PSBA’s Beekeepers’ Science Fair is a special format of our monthly meeting where you can:

  • Join or renew your PSBA membership and sign up to volunteer with PSBA in 2014
  • Enroll in PSBA’s  beekeeping classes – instructors will be on hand to answer your questions
  • Order Bee Packages and PSBA Swag  ( PSBA branded T-shirts)
  • Learn about Swarm management and apply to be on the PSBA Swarm List
  • Get help planning your woodenware purchases – bring your plan and get it reviewed by a seasoned beekeeper
  • Enroll in the Master Beekeeper Certification Program and find out how you can participate in bee related research
  • Learn about: Waggle Dances, Varroa monitoring, Nosema testing (bring a sample of 50 bees in alcohol for testing!)
  • And More!!

Doors open at 6:00;   At 6:30 our pre-meeting lesson will cover what you need to know about Beekeeping Equipment.  Various learning stations will be “open” shortly after general announcements at 7pm.   Experts will be on hand to help point you in the right direction on bow to have a great beekeeping year in 2014. Both new and experienced beekeepers alike will enjoy – see you there!