New funding from PAm (Project Apis M.)

Project Apis M

Project Apis M. is looking to fund researchers with a passion for honey bees. Blue Diamond Growers has entrusted PAm with monies to petition for research that helps almond growers improve crop production and helps improve the health and vitality of honey bees. Let’s get some needed work done! We are looking for practical solutions for managed colonies with the efficient transfer of research results into field practice. Proposals are being accepted now through August 25th so don’t delay!

PAm is issuing a call for almond grower-friendly research proposals. Submitted proposals should meet the following objectives:

* Provide practical solutions for almond growers and for managed honey bee colonies

* Yield results that can be transferred into field practice

* Provide an excellent rate-of-return for beekeepers and growers.

Awards are between $5,000 and $35,000.  Funding at a higher level will be considered but not to exceed $75K. DEADLINE For FULL PROPOSALS is Monday, August 25th.  Proposal format can be found at (

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