Bee Lunch: Oregano, More Than A Seasoning

When thinking about July and plants that do well here, one of my bee favorites is Oregano and not just because I am Greek. Derived from the Greek words oros (mountain) and ganos (joy) the name translates to “joy of the mountain” and is reflective of the carpet of purplish-white flowers it creates over hilly Mediterranean landscapes. Even before the flowers open, it gets attention from the girls in anticipation. Oregano is a hardy plant in the lowlands can even grow as a perennial around the city and reproduces easily from seed, by root spreading or even cuttings. In Europe, oregano might also go by the name Wild Marjoram and it has been used for centuries in cooking for its spicy, sweet or astringent flavors. Oregano does not need much water and once established can grow just about anywhere with well-drained soil and does great in pots. It usually starts blooming in early July and can continue for the entire month.