2021 Spring Backyard Beekeeping Classes

PSBA offers three Backyard Beekeeping classes this spring. Whether you’re a beginner preparing for your first season as a backyard beekeeper, or looking for a refresher course, our teachers are excellent and experienced with virtual classes. Format includes lecture, slides, equipment review, question and answer and technique. In addition, you will be prepared to take the Washington Master Beekeeper Apprentice exam at the end of these classes.

Class fee is $75.00 per individual and includes two four hour online classes ( 8 hours) and 2021 PSBA membership. If you are a current PSBA member, chose the ‘member’ button in registration. Once signed in, you may purchase the class for $55.00.

Our intent is to teach students the basics to become a successful and responsible backyard beekeeper. If you need bees, please check out the 2021 Packages, Nucs and Queens posting. Venders will be available for questions at the February and March meetings after the beginner’s lesson at 7:00pm. These are limited- shop early.

While we hope to host Apiary Work Parties this summer, this may not be possible. PSBA is working on some alternate BeeTV  Work parties. Your Neighborhood Captains are an excellent resource!

Class Schedules

•Danny Najera, PhD Entomology, Green River College Bee Program                                   Saturday and Sunday, February 27th & 28th,  Noon to 4:00pm

•     Tracy Klein, Master Beekeeper                                                                                                                Saturday and Sunday, 8:00am to Noon, March 27th & March 28th

•      Dawn Beck, Journeyman Beekeeper                                                                                                        Saturday and Sunday, 9:00am to 1:00pm, April 10th & 11th