Welcome New Board Members

Thanks to everyone who came to the annual business meeting this past Tuesday – we enjoyed some great food and company while we acknowledged some of the great accomplishments we did over the past year.

In addition, board member elections brought some new faces to the board.
Congratulations to the Officers and Trustees for 2015!

Make sure you check out the PSBA Leadership bios. PSBA Leadership

Many thanks to our outgoing Trustees (Jacqueline Thiebe, Gail Eshom).
And please welcome to our newest members. (Kathy Cox, Mary Anne Szollar and Brian Talbert)

PS: The November meeting was our annual business meeting last week, and was the last meeting for 2014. We will look forward to seeing you all January 17th, 2015 for our next regular PSBA meeting.


Mark Hohn
President PSBA

OFFICERS for 2015

President – Mark Hohn
Ex-Officio President – Krista Conner
Vice-President – Gerardo Dilillo
Secretary – Maureen Sullivan
Treasurer – Bruce Becker


Melissa “Mel” Bird (2014-15)
Kathy Cox
Lauren Englund (2015-16)
Elaina Jorgensen (2014-15)
Amy Lassen (2015-16)
Daniel Najera (2015-16)
Jeff Steenbergen (2015-16)
Mary Anne Szollar
Brian Talbert
Robert Clark (Lifetime)
Bill Rahr (Lifetime)


Apiary Committee Chair – Maureen Sullivan
PR Director/Editor and Publishing Committee Chair – Gerardo Dilillo
Volunteer Program Coordinator – TBD
Meeting Speaker Committee Chair – Amy Lassen
Events Planning Committee Chair – Krista Conner
Research and Education Committee Chair – Daniel Najera
Outreach and Community Engagement – TBD
Honey Sales Committee Chair – Nancy Beckett

Next year promises to be an exciting one with lots of energy and enthusiasm from our new board!