Tokyo Metropolitan Honey Bees

B-Bee ProjectDuring a recent trip to Japan I went to a famous book store across the street from Tokyo Station to buy a book for my daughter. I was very surprised to learn they had two beehives on the roof of the building as part of the B-Bee project (the page is only in Japanese, you can use Bing Translator to have an idea of the content).

I considered Tokyo a hostile environment for honeybees, equivalent to a desert, however the beehives were very healthy and the honey production very rich.

A little research showed that it’s actually a great place for honey bees, very close to the imperial palace park.

Map courtesy of
Map courtesy of

In this season there is plenty of food for pollinators!

Cherry blossom in Tokyo - © Gerardo Dilillo
Cherry blossom in Tokyo – © Gerardo Dilillo