Request from UW Beekeeping

We received these 2 requests from Evan Sugden at UW, if you are able to accommodate, please get in touch with him directly. From Evan:

1) My summer beekeeping course is continuing the Zombee fly study begun two years ago. We are looking for beekeepers who are willing to have their hives sampled. This is totally non-invasive and only requires that a student researcher set up a fluorescent light in the apiary for one night. The bees collected will be analyzed for Zombee fly infestation; data will be given back to the beekeeper. If this year’s results are good, we will again give a report to PSBA. We hope to look at some new aspects, such as how to find parasite larvae in individual bees. If this could be put on the web site or circulated by works of mouth ASAP, I’d appreciate it. Any respondents can get back to me directly at this email address or 425-280-0423.

2) I have two advanced students who would like to experience queen rearing techniques with local beekeepers via a short internship. They will come with some bee yard experience and basic understanding of queen rearing. The ideal arrangement would be to spend several days spread out over the duration of one or two queen production cycles, so 2-4 weeks and experience the major elements of the technique. They would be willing to help with mundane tasks in the apiary to make themselves useful. As above, if anyone is interested, let me know by email or phone/text. We are trying to get this off the ground in the next week or two max.

Thank you!

Evan A Sugden, PhD
Department of Biology
University of Washington Seattle
BOX 351800, Seattle, WA 98195
Ph: 206-221-5218