Queen Breeder Research Opportunity

Queen Breeders Research Opportunity

(King County area)

Curious about helping to improve the genetics of our local bees – then read on! Queen genetics are key to a thriving healthy colony. Locally adapted colonies fly on cold misty spring mornings and follow our seasons better than those imported from warmer climates. Early summer mated queens also have the advantage of mating with an abundance of drones from various genetic backgrounds. Besides mites vectoring diseases, research indicates the next biggest reason hives fail is due to queen loss.

Raising queens can be a lot of work and be a bit overwhelming for the typical backyard beekeeper. The purpose of this project is to simplify the breeding process by skipping over several steps and giving participants ready to emerge queen cells (or newly emerged virgin queens) from local exceptional queen lines. These new queens will then mate with nearby drones giving each a unique genetic mix.

The skills you need are minimal. To participate; you should be able to find a queen, eggs, larvae, and have the resources to make a nuc.

Project starts Mid-June 2023. To learn more and sign up, complete this survey:

King County Queen Breeding Project 2023