PSBA Member Feedback Survey – Let’s Hear From You!

2013 has been a great year for PSBA! We’ve had some great speakers, two exciting special events (Field Day w/ Randy Oliver and our Michael Bush Workshop) and our membership is growing! Help us prepare for 2014 by providing answers to the questions below.

Please send your answers to Krista Conner at

1) What are 3 things PSBA should focus on in 2014 to address community engagement and outreach (to beekeepers and non-beekeepers)?

2) What are 3 things PSBA could focus on in 2014 to improve our support of Bee Research and improvement of local bee health?

3) What would make PSBA a more valuable resource for YOU? 

4) Please indicate one or more following PSBA functions for which you’d be willing to lead or play a supporting role in 2014:

  • Monthly Meeting: Serve as Speaker Coordinator – Secure and coordinate main presentation speakers for the monthly meetings
  • Monthly Meeting: Production-set up and managing audio/visual equipment
  • Monthly Meeting: Plan/Coordinate pre-meeting lesson content and/or delivery of content
  •  Monthly Meeting: Help with setup of refreshments
  • Volunteer Management: Coordinate and communicate with volunteers for PSBA events and work parties. Define schedule of volunteer hours and assign tasks for each event.
  • Education: Help Plan, develop content, and/or deliver PSBA sponsored beekeeping classes or learning opportunities
  • Mentoring: Mentor others in hive management techniques in the PSBA Apiary or other location (requires experience/certification)
  • Mentoring: Develop and manage a mentoring program for PSBA
  • Speaker Events: Be “on call” as a PSBA speaker at local schools or community organizations about Bees/Beekeeping
  • Publishing: Supply regular content to be published on the PSBA blog, Facebook page, or other in materials – have fun with this!
  • Extractor Management: Manage the pickup/drop off process for extractor rentals
  • Equipment inventory: perform inventory of all PSBA assets
  • Other  (please describe how you want to help PSBA!)

Please reply today! Thank you for being part of PSBA!!