PSBA Meeting Tuesday June 23rd

Micah Wood: Beekeeping in the Gambia


Micah Wood was born and raised on a large family farm in South Georgia. He worked for nine years as a National Park Service Ranger in Yellowstone National Park. He has a bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture from Evergreen State College. Micah served for two years as an Agriculture Peace Corps Volunteer in The Gambia, West Africa. After Peace Corps, he was the Country Manager for the National Beekeeper Association of Gambia and BEECause Gambia. He currently works as a manager for Whole Foods in Seattle.

As a Peace Corps volunteer in The Gambia, Micah lived in a rural community where he worked with surrounding communities and Kiang West National Park to promote beekeeping through apiary management. He developed a Gambian beekeeping training manual and a tourist center with a glass bee hive. As the Country Manager of BEECause, he developed swarm catching techniques, designed new hives, implemented harvesting and marketing practices, and taught pest management strategies. He is excited to share his adventures in The Gambia with you and discuss the fascinating world of African beekeeping.

Talk outline:

  • African vs. European Bees
  • History of Beekeeping in The Gambia
  • Research and Development
  • Concept of Honey Quality
  • Harvest Practices
  • Marketing
  • Accomplishments and Challenges
  • Helping BEECause Gambia

A couple of websites you may find interesting:

Beginner Lesson : 6:30 p

Micah Wood : 7:30p