PSBA Meeting April 22 2014

We hope to see you at April meeting this Tuesday, the 22nd!

  • 6:30 Pre Meeting Lesson
  • 7:00 PSBA Announcements
  • 7:30 Main Meeting Presenter: Daniel Najera, PSBA’s research chair will present-PSBA Research, Knowledge, and Learning – The Varroa Mite In 2013, PSBA started a cooperative effort with Green River Community College to analyze the populations of honeybees in our region. Here, we detail the methodology and basic results. More importantly, we demonstrate the effectiveness of research efforts and put out a call for more participation. We will discuss the future research efforts to be conducted in 2014. Come listen to how we can work together to help understand how to handle varroa in our part of the country and become a powerful example for what beekeeping organizations can do.