October PSBA Meeting – Sustainable Beekeeping in the Northwest

Join us for PSBA’s October monthly meeting on Tuesday October 27th.  This is the last meeting of 2015 where a speaker will present. November’s meeting will be the potluck and annual business meeting and December we traditionally do not have a meeting due to holiday schedules.

Our main speaker for October will be  Mark Adams speaking on Sustainable Beekeeping in the Northwest

Mark started with bees when he was thirteen from a swarm that landed on a fence post.  Back then the list was short on what was required to keep bees alive and healthy.

Mark graduated from WSU in Electrical Engineering, and his work primarily focused on designing high and low voltage power supplies for the commercial and aerospace industry.  Over that time he has received five patent awards for unique circuit designs.

Approaching retirement Mark began to focus his engineering background on how he could help the honeybee survive with today’s many stresses.  The last sixteen years have been spent developing a bee with the right genetics that will do well in the Northwest without any form of treatment, natural or otherwise, and using electronics in a hive rather than chemicals to combat the bees enemies.

For our October meeting, Mark will be presenting his operational structure that he uses to make a success of “sustainable beekeeping” in the Northwest.

Meeting details

Announcements 7:00 pm

Mark Adams – 7:30