Next PSBA meeting is on September 24th!

Bring your tough beekeeping questions to the September meeting!

Join us on Tuesday September 24th at Washington Arboretum  for a Q&A with a panel of local beekeepers. So far the lineup of panelists includes:

Ken Reid has been beekeeping for 8 years and he and his wife manage between 25 and 40 colonies depending on the time of the year and other activities demanding his time.  All of his colonies are kept treatment free and all of them are foundationless Langstroth hives.  Ken live in Seattle, but all of his bees do not.  When not managing his bees, Ken is a geologist.

Daniel Najera, PhD Entomology is a fountain of information and has a passion for honey bees. He keeps bees using no foundation and no treatments and teaches at Green River College. Danny is best known for interpreting honey bee waggle dances and keeping bees for education purposes. You can see more of his recent activities on the Green River College Honeybee page on Facebook.

Jeff Steenbergen is a third year treatment free beekeeper using top bar hives.  He keeps hives in several locations in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle and maintains a blog that tracks hive checks and plants bloom dates for the neighborhood at

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