Microsoft employees give big to PSBA!

Microsoft employee and PSBA member Gerardo Delillo rallied to get PSBA in on Microsoft’s annual Employee Giving Campaign! PSBA set up a booth at the Microsoft’s City Center offices, and surprised many lunching employees with honey tasting and, of course, LIVE BEES (safely contained in an observation hive, of course!)

Thanks to Gerardo, we had a prime location at the 25th floor cafeteria right at lunchtime. It was so much fun sampling honey and watching folks do a double take as they walked past the observation hive!

In 2 1/2 hours, we sold 50 jars of Washington State honey and informed folks how they can help honey bees as well as get involved with PSBA. A total win-win for everyone, especially the bees!

Thanks to everyone at Microsoft for this amazing opportunity…especially Gerardo Delillo for making this all happen!

psba fundraisers irfan-gerardo-david future-beekeeper psba-booth surprise-bees mark-kids mark-hohn-adults tasting
Microsoft employee and PSBA trustee Mark Hohn, PSBA vice president Kim Thomas and PSBA member Gerardo Delillo ready greet Microsoft employees!
Microsoft volunteers (from left): Irfan Gowani, Gerardo Dilillo and David Mohr.
Future Beekeeper?
PSBA booth has bees, honey and lots of interested passer-bys.
Surprise! Bees in the cafeteria!
Microsoft employee and PSBA trustee Mark Hohn chats w/ kids about bees.
Adults learned about bees, too!
Tasting the 5 varieties of honey PSBA had at this Microsoft fundraiser.