Michael Bush Workshop – Photo highlights!

PSBA’s Michael Bush Workshop was a great success…loads of fun and learning had by all!

Michael Bush presented “4 Simple Steps to Healthier Bees” and “Lazy Beekeeping” in the a.m. and then led apiary inspections w/ groups of attendees in the afternoon.

We also had 4 activity table running in the afternoon:

  • ** More Plants, Less Pesticides – thanks Melody & Melissa Hooper!
  • ** Honey bee Waggle Dance – thanks Danny Najera!
  • ** Queen marking, queen cage building and the popular bee wheel – thank Jeff Steenbergen, Maureen & Josie Sullivan!
  • ** Honey tasting and book sales – thanks Nancy, Gail, Kevin, Jackie, Elaina, Bruce, Maureen and all PSBA volunteers!

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