Michael Bush Workshop – Photo highlights!

PSBA’s Michael Bush Workshop was a great success…loads of fun and learning had by all!

Michael Bush presented “4 Simple Steps to Healthier Bees” and “Lazy Beekeeping” in the a.m. and then led apiary inspections w/ groups of attendees in the afternoon.

We also had 4 activity table running in the afternoon:

  • ** More Plants, Less Pesticides – thanks Melody & Melissa Hooper!
  • ** Honey bee Waggle Dance – thanks Danny Najera!
  • ** Queen marking, queen cage building and the popular bee wheel – thank Jeff Steenbergen, Maureen & Josie Sullivan!
  • ** Honey tasting and book sales – thanks Nancy, Gail, Kevin, Jackie, Elaina, Bruce, Maureen and all PSBA volunteers!
volunteers kc-jt mb-presents psba-michaelbush-lunch gail danny-najera more-plants-booth marking-drones hard-hat-veil myster-beekeeper mark-hohn mbush-c drifter
PSBA volunteers getting ready for the Michael Bush Workshop event - PSBA is a 100% volunteer-based group - sign up to help honey bees today!
PSBA President Krista Conner and PSBA volunteer Jackie Thiebe.
Michael Bush presents "4 Simple Steps to Healthier Bees" and "Lazy Beekeeping".
A relaxing lunch break
PSBA trustee Gail Eshom does it all!
Danny Najera discussing the honey bee waggle dance with attendees.
Kevin Gow visits Melody & Melissa Hooper's "More Plants, Less Pesticides" booth.
At booth learning to mark queens (via drone stand-ins).
Nifty veil hat!
Yet another original veil!
PSBA Trustee Mark Hohn checking folks in at the apiary.
Michael Bush inspecting hives in the PSBA apiary 2013
One of the bees marked at the waggle dance display decided that she would rather live in the PSBA apiary!