Field Day with Dr. Zachary Huang

PSBA’s Field Day is on May 17 2014 at Graham Visitor Center at Washington Arboretum

9.00-4:00 (check-in at 8:30)

Featured Presenter: Dr. Zachary Huang of Michigan State University

Guest speakers in afternoon session include:

  • Rusty Burlew from will be on hand for Beekeeper Q&A – bring your tough questions about beekeeping or other bee pollinators!
  • Dave Hunter of Dave will introduce the solitary bee kingdom with focus on mason bee and leafcutter bees. Participants will learn the life cycle and simple needs of the gentle mason bees and Crown Bee’s unique “BeeGAP” program, which is attracting thousands of gardeners to begin raising bees across the country.Dave also has some astounding truths about what is going wrong with the honey bees today.  Hearing his theory will help you achieve better hive health.
  • Franclyn Heinecke of Blossoms And Bees, LLC and Region 2 Rep of Washington State Beekeepers Association. A small-scale beekeeper, Franclyn will provide hints on raising your own queens using a nuc with frame transfers – no grafting!  Learn what to do to raise queens at home in your own apiary.


Event Details and Registration here

We hope to see you at this year’s Field Day – it promises to be a great learning opportunity for new and experienced beekeepers alike! This all day learning event will address major problems that we as beekeepers are facing in keeping our bees alive as well as provide some practical hands-on skills which you can apply in your own apiary.  Field Day will give you the vital information you need to be successful as a beekeeper. All beekeepers are encouraged to attend this all important event!