Field Day 2014

PSBA’s Field Day 2014 will feature both a morning indoor session and an afternoon outdoor session in our apiary; both sessions will feature Dr. Zachary Huang ( as well as other speakers and learning opportunities).

Zachary Huang, PhD Entomology of Michigan State University will cover Honey bee pheromones  and relevance to beekeeping; Effects of Nosema on honey bee behavior and physiology, and varroa biology.  Event details and registration coming soon – Mark  your calendars for this full-day learning event on May 17th, 2014!

  • Dr. Huang is known for developing the social inhibition model (at UIUC), the mitezapper (MSU), his  (started in 1997 but developed mainly at MSU), and award winning photographs. He was awarded the J.I. Hambleton Award for Outstanding Research by the Eastern Apicultural Society of North  American Inc. August 2008.

Morning Session: This session will consist of a presentation by Dr. Huang followed by a Q & A session. Lunch will be provided.

Afternoon Session: This outdoor session in our apiary** will find attendees breaking into small groups which will rotate through a variety of activities.

Please note: Afternoon session will be held in our working apiary. PSBA does not have child-sized protective gear, so please plan accordingly.

** Please bring your own protective gear; PSBA has limited sets of veils, suits, and gloves.

Date:  Saturday May 17th, 2014

Time:  8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (tentative)

Locations:   Graham Visitor Center  and PSBA’s apiary (behind greenhouses at the arboretum)

Tickets purchased on-line include payment processing fees that we are charged to help cover our expenses.


PSBA would like to thank the following Field Day Sponsors:

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