Nosema 101

In this class you will learn about one of the top threats to honey bee health, Nosema. Evan Sudgen, Entomologist and UW Lecturer will explain everything you as a beekeeper need to know to help manage this parasite and keep your bees healthy.

Topics that will be covered:

Diagram of the Life cycle of Nosema apis.
Life cycle of Nosema apis. The spore injects its contents into a gut epithelial cell, multiplies, and eventually causes the cell to burst and release the new spores back into the gut. Nosema can also reproduce “vegetatively” cell to cell. © Springer Life Sciences

Introduction to Nosema

  • Why It’s Important to Beekeepers
  • History of Nosema
  • Nosema Biology
  • New Aspects, including Nosema ceranae Introduction

Collecting Samples of Nosema

  • Techniques for Collecting
  • Lab Preparation
  • Examination

Management of Nosema

  • Detection in Hive
  • Analysis Overview
  • Treatment


Class Date and Time: Thursday January 15th 2014, 6:30 – 9:00 PM

Class Fee: $20 per individual

Class will be held on UW campus, Johnson Hall Room 122.  

Driving and Parking directions for UW Johnson Hall.

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