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Spring bee
Can you see each of the 3 castes of honey bee?
Something interesting going on in this hive - Peter Loring Borst explains - Field Day 2015
Dr. Zachary Huang examining PSBA's top bar hive, and festooning bees. Field Day May 2014
Randy Oliver demonstrates how to detect nosema in honey bees at PSBA's Field Day 2013.
Danny Najera conducting research related to hive weights.
Forager bee passing water or nectar to another bee from colony.
Michael Bush inspecting hives in the PSBA Apiary 2013
PSBA volunteers getting ready for the Michael Bush Workshop event - PSBA is a 100% volunteer-based group - sign up to help honey bees today!
Jeff Steenbergen holding empty bee package after a rainy day install, PSBA Apiary, April 2014
Elaina Jorgensen instructs beekeepers on bee package install, PSBA apiary, April 2014
Kit Hiatt captivates with the observation hive


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