Equipment Building Basics

  • Order Hive Equipment – Check
  • Unpack Hive Equipment – Check
  • Assemble Hive Equipment – uhhh…now what do I do?

If this sounds familiar – and you aren’t quite sure where to start in putting it all together  –  come learn with PSBA!  We’ll walk you thru the steps to assemble and prepare hive equipment  in this hands-on workshop on March 29th from 1-4 in the greenhouse (behind Graham Visitor Center).

Attendees will learn and apply skills needed to:

  • Construct and prepare Langstroth hive bodies and frames
  • Install various types of foundation into frames, as well as starter strips for foundationless frames. Will include demo of wax and wire installation, as well as use of jigs to construct frames.
  • Clean and prepare for re-use:  hive bodies and frames

Participants should come prepared to roll up sleeves and get dirty. Bring a hammer if you have one!

registration closed- Free!